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Background & Criminal Records Search

Employment screening has become essential to hiring quality employees.

Why should your company conduct employment screens?

  • 20% of people in the U.S. have criminal records

  • 33% of job applicants falsify employment applications

  • Over 2 million thefts occur in the workplace

  • Violence costs employers $4.2 billion in lost work and legal fees

  • Negligent hiring and negligent retention lawsuits are growing

  • FAQ about Background and Criminal Records Searches

Our agents are full-service public records research providers and clearinghouses that can enhance your employment-screening process. Many employers are not aware of the potential liability associated with inadequate employment screening methods. As a result, employers increase their exposure to lawsuits stemming from: 

  • Negligent hiring - holds employers liable for hiring an unfit applicant

  • Negligent retention - hold employers liable for retaining unfit employees

  • Negligent referral - holds employers liable for providing misleading employment history

  • Respondeat superior - holds employers liable for harm inflicted by a  negligent employee


We provide a thorough analysis of potential employees, customized to fit your needs. Our agents are full-service public records research providers that can enhance your employment screening process. Our complete background administration includes:

  • Criminal Records

  • Civil Records

  • Bankruptcy

  • Employment History

  • Motor Vehicle Records

  • Social Security Verification

  • Plus over 40 additional search types


Our agents use an extensive information retrieval network which gives us access to over 3,000 counties and independent cities throughout the United States as well as the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Germany and Puerto Rico providing access to public records at 11,000 federal, state and county courts within the US and Canada as well as 4,000 additional private and public repositories. Timely, accurate and cost effective information is what we deliver in accordance with state and local policies and procedures.


How to use Coastal MRO, Inc. On-Line Background Screening system (these are the basic instructions, advanced or unusual searches may involve a different procedure)

  1. Go to CoastalMRO.com and click the ‘background screen’ link in the upper left hand corner

  2. Enter your username and password assigned by a Coastal MRO, Inc account representative

  3. Click the “request” button

  4. Enter the information on the primary screen for the person in to be researched

  5. On the right hand menu click the searches needed

  6. Click the continue button at the bottom of the screen

  7. Under “county criminal searches’ click the “county lookup” button if researching county criminal

  8. Enter the zip or city name, then the ‘lookup county’ button

  9. Check any county by clicking the square next to “add”

  10. Click the “order” button on the left

  11. Now under criminal court searches there will be a “felony and misdemeanor line with the county you ordered

  12. Go to the Motor Vehicle line if researching Motor Vehicle records

  13. Enter DL number with no punctuation and fill in the state of the DL

  14. Click the “agree and submit order” button