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Random Selection Program

Random testing is the best way to ensure that employees remain drug free. We select the names for you, eliminating any inherent bias. We will structure a random program that maintains compliance with State and Federal regulations or based on your company drug-free workplace policy.


Our random selection program is currently free of charge to clients in good standing. We do ask that the administrator of Human Resources in your company provide us with a complete and up-to-date copy of each random pool for which we will generate random names. (i.e. DOT/Alcohol/Administrative Pools may have a separate pool for each department.) These pools must be kept up to date by sending an email spreadsheet or text file to our random program administrator BEFORE each selection period. The data file may include: Donor name, Last 4 digits of SSN, Date of Hire, any other information you require for identification of the selectee. We will NOT add names to your pool participation list based on whether we recieve a negative pre-employment drug screen for your account.


Each time we receive an updated list we will return a PDF file in the form of a Random Participation Letter which will include the list for each pool and if necessary, a statement for the DOT including the text they require for proof of membership in a random program.